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social bookmarking softwareToday, we are reviewing a social bookmarking software tool for creating powerful social bookmark links and backlink boosters. The name of this social bookmark submitter software  tool is Digi Traffic Accelerator.

In the past month we have been using this social bookmarking software submitter tool with great success. It is easy to use (once you understand how to write in a “spinning” fashion) and creates relevant and valuable backlinks to your website.

Though we incorporate a few WordPress backlink plugins in our websites, that have similar backlinking properties, we have noticed a significant jump in website traffic since using this great social bookmarking software SEO tool. In fact, website traffic has jumped from 1000 visitors/month to 1500 visitors/month, and we’re only 4 weeks into using this social bookmarking marketing tool.

Here’s the claim from this social bookmarking software developer:

Now YOU Can Get ALL The Free Traffic You Need: Organic Search, Direct Clicks, and Even VIRAL Visitors
All It Takes Is This Simple, Super-Effective Social Bookmarking Software (And Just a Few Minutes A Day)…

And it works SO FAST, that some users report DRAMATIC results in under a month, just a couple of weeks, or EVEN as little as Just 3 Days!

I have to say that we can report the same type of exceptional results.

So the one thing that makes this a valuable social bookmarking software tool is that it requires that you do some “spinning” of the Title and Description part of the submission form for each individual URL . And what “spinning” does is makes sure that you have numerous backlinks that are quite unique, yet incorporates many of your keywords that makes all of the links you are creating even that more relevant and powerful.

Here is an example of what a “spun” submission form would look like using this social bookmarking software tool:

URL: http://www.rhinorubystudios.com/designs/specialty-portfolio-of-website-designs/holistic-health-website-design/


{Looking for Value-Driven Holistic Website Design packages?|Holistic Website Design Packages with SEO So You get Found!|Holistic Web Design WordPress Themes with SEO|Holistic Website Design for Ayurvedic Health Practitioners|WordPress Holistic Web Design Templates and Themes|Custom Healing Arts WordPress Theme Holistic Web Design}


{Looking for a Holistic Web Design company that builds powerful WordPress websites with SEO so you get found? Value-driven website design packages.|WordPress holistic website design with SEO. Value-driven with beautiful, conscious design and expert SEO so you get found and grow your health practice.|Value-driven WordPress website design with SEO. Beautiful, professional conscious design and expert SEO.|Professional, conscious holistic website design for WordPress. Built in SEO so you get found quickly and get great ROI.|Holistic website design, custom WordPress themes and templates. Value-driven website design packages with SEO makes it easy.}

Now in this example, 405 backlinks were created with this social bookmarking software tool. And when the social bookmarking software creates each unique link, it grabs one of the titles and puts it with one of the descriptions. This creates numerous unique submissions as it mixes and matches titles with descriptions from the ones I’ve written.

Here’s an example of what one of the social bookmarking software submissions would look like:

Title: Looking for Value-Driven Holistic Website Design packages?

Description: Looking for a Holistic Web Design company that builds powerful WordPress websites with SEO so you get found? Value-driven website design packages.

Here’s a 2nd “spun” submission this social bookmarking software submission tool created:

Title: Holistic Website Design for Ayurvedic Health Practitioners

Description: Professional, conscious holistic website design for WordPress. Built in SEO so you get found quickly and get great ROI.

It would take you forever and a day to do all of this manually. This social bookmarking software submission tool does it all with a few minutes of effort a day.

To find out more about this social bookmarking software and SEO backlinking booster, click here.

If you find that the prospect of  using your own (relatively) automated social bookmarking software tool too intimidating or just requires too much of your own time, we are happy to provide those social bookmarking software services to you, employing the very same Digi Traffic Accelerator social bookmark submitter software we are reviewing here.

Here’s what we’ll do: We’ll get up to speed on the keywords people are using to find your website. Then we’ll write SEO titles, descriptions and tags that will need to be “spun” in the Digi Traffic Accelerator submitter software then blast away to relevant social bookmarking websites. We’ll have 1000′s of “White Hat” backlinks to your website in no time!

Call us today to discuss your social bookmarking service needs and will start boosting your backlinks and your website visitor traffic this week!

In Colorado 970.963.5677

Liz Gracia WordPress Plugin Scout Extraordinaire

Liz Gracia Social Bookmarking Software Scout Extraordinaire

Need Help with All of This Social Bookmarking Software Stuff?

If you are a busy WordPress website owner, we are happy to support you with our social bookmarking and link building services. We’ll start driving tons of new targeted traffic to your website today!

Call Us in Colorado at 970.927.0345 Today and We’ll Create a Social Bookmarking Software Services Plan that Works for You! (or email us if you’d rather)

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Have You Tried This Social Bookmarking Software Tool?

Give us your reviews/comments below. Thanks!

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