What you don’t know about headlines and social media

We recently received this recent email from one of our SEO partners WordTracker. They offer valuable SEO, keyword and link building information. WE wanted to share the most recent email offering in regards to writing “Killer Headlines”.

Killer Headlines E-book

We’re offering Nick Usborne’s Killer Headlines’ e-book for a time-limited discounted price. It’s a killer deal – but you’ve only got 48 hours to sign up. Delay – and it will be gone forever.

Since the dawn of media, content writers have been challenged to command their readers’ attention with bold, captivating headlines.

But the web has raised the bar even higher. Not only must article headlines pique readers’ curiosity—they must be SEO-friendly, easily shareable via social media channels, and easy to understand without supporting text. What’s more, a web headline must feature a compelling visual design to be able to stand out from the pack.

It may all sound complex, but writing headlines for your online content needn’t be a stressful task.

In Wordtracker’s latest e-book, “Killer Headlines for Web Content: 15 Different Approaches to Writing Compelling, Shareable Headlines for Your Web Content,we show you simple techniques for writing “sticky” headlines that get noticed online. You’ll learn:

  1. How to use numbered lists to create instant reader interest
  2. How to strategically use warnings in your headlines
  3. Why the “how to” approach is a timeless headline technique
  4. Simple words that pack serious headline punch…and much more!

The author of “Killer Headlines for Web Content” is Nick Usborne, an award-winning copywriter with vast experience in online content production. In the book, he outlines 15 approaches to writing eye-popping headlines, complete with supporting examples and commentary on why each headline is so effective. Once you master Nick’s tried-and-true strategies, you’ll find it easy to whip up tantalizing titles for any occasion!

Exclusive Offer: Order Within 48 Hours and Save $10!

Buy “Killer Headlines for Web Content” today and get the special discounted price of $19 – that’s $10 off the official price of $29!

This offer, reserved exclusively for Wordtracker newsletter subscribers, is valid for the next 48 hours only. After midnight on 17th February, the price for this e-book will return to $29.

To learn more about the book and order your copy at $10 off the regular price, simply click on the link below:

Save $10 when you order “Killer Headlines for Web Content: 15 Different Approaches to Writing Compelling, Shareable Headlines for Your Web Content”!

Again, this special discount offer expires in 48 hours from the time you receive this email, so you must act today!

In the spirit of online success,
The Wordtracker Team

P.S. $19 is a small price to pay when you consider that a single powerful headline can deliver ongoing returns for your business—like more website visitors, press attention, social media followers and of course, paying customers.

P.P.S. “Killer Headlines for Web Content” is backed by our 30-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. That means you have absolutely nothing to lose by ordering now!

Killer Headlines E-book


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